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Our state-of-the-art facility is designed to be an extension of your home. Warm hardwood flooring, earthy red brick walls, and modern lighting help to create a space that you can feel comfortable in.

Our facility includes three private restrooms (two with showers), day lockers, and a filtered & chilled water bottle station.

Fonthill Gym is open 24/7/365. You will receive a keycard which will give you access to the gym year-round.

Our facility is equipped with a 24-hour security system and 8 indoor/outdoor cameras. We want people to feel safe coming here for a late-night workout.


As a boutique fitness club, we offer our members the absolute best equipment that is available on the market today.

Our club contains a broad range of high-end cardio equipment, a mixture of stock-loaded and plate-loaded strength equipment, several functional training pieces, a wide selection of free weights, and other studio gear.

All of our equipment is brand-new, state of the art, and suitable for all fitness levels.

Our club also contains several pieces of specialty equipment that you won’t find at most other gyms. We are always looking for innovative tools to give you the edge you deserve in accomplishing your health & fitness goals!

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